Search and Rescue Services

search and rescue

Search and rescue services require specific expertise, and Henderson Aviation has been a leader in Oregon aerial search and rescue for years. Our experienced crew is trained with the highest rescue and aviation standards.

Helicopter search and rescue missions are highly specialized, and performed in the most challenging situations – often in a remote forest or on a rugged cliff. We have been recruited for mountain search and rescue operations throughout the cascades. Mountain search and rescue missions require a pilot who can keep their cool in high stress situations, and a helicopter that can handle any flying conditions.

John Henderson has over 10,000 hours of experience. He knows the cascade mountain range and environment, and has been recruited by local and regional law enforcement agencies for several search and rescue operations. John and the crew at Henderson Aviation can provide the skills and equipment for crew support, transport, and the extraction of the victim during often difficult search and rescue missions.

When a few minutes could mean the difference between life and death, you can never be too ready. Contact us for more information.

Henderson Aviation Testimonial

We look forward to providing you with safe and reliable helicopter services. If you would like to request an estimate, simply give us a call. Our phone is answered 24 hours a day.

“I have worked with numerous contractors while working for the government and Henderson was easily one of the best. I am very grateful to them for the excellent service that they provided. They should be hired again ASAP!”

~ Jeffrey P.