Whether we are working with the United States Forest Service to reseed a piece of land, or assisting a private land owner with their timber plot, we can provide overflight forestry services to ensure any forestry job is done right.

Timber Reconnaissance

Our experienced pilots and technologically advanced helicopters have been contracted several times by the United States Forest Service and the Oregon Department of Forestry for timber reconnaissance. Helicopters are widely used for timber surveys and reconnaissance for proposed logging areas.


At Henderson Aviation, we also provide helitorch services for aerial ignition. The helitorch is attached to the helicopter and carefully releases flaming drops of gelled gasoline to ignite a line of fire from a safe altitude. The long lasting flame is able to ignite fuels under conditions that normally would be unfavorable for burning. Our helitorch service is a safe, accurate and efficient method of igniting prescribed burns and backburning missions.

Logging Support

Our logging support services include moving rigging, slinging of seedlings and external transport of gear. We are happy to offer these services to both private land owners and logging companies. We also provide flights over private land to determine the best way to take on any logging job.

“I would like to express a heartfelt thanks from the Oregon Department of Forestry for the valuable assistance that Henderson Aviation provided during the severe 2014 wildfire season. ODF’s firefighting assets were stretched razor-thin when we reached out across the U.S. and Canada for help.

The exclusive-use Type 3 helicopter located in John Day for the helitack program, along with the continued support of call-when-needed Type 3 helicopters and communication trailers, bolstered our forces in a time of extreme need. Thanks again for stepping up!”

~ Doug Decker, Oregon State Forester

overflight forestry services

We look forward to providing you with safe and reliable helicopter services. If you would like to request an estimate, simply give us a call. Our phone is answered 24 hours a day.

“I have worked with numerous contractors while working for the government and Henderson was easily one of the best. I am very grateful to them for the excellent service that they provided. They should be hired again ASAP!”

~ Jeffrey P.