Fish and Wildlife Survey

fish and wildlife survey

At Henderson Aviation, we maintain a strong working relationship with the United States Forest Service, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service assisting with fish and wildlife surveying.

Helicopter surveys are used for obtaining deer populations and other wildlife information to help agencies and land owners determine density, age, sex ratios, and wildlife distribution. Aerial censuses provide the most accurate and consistent survey data. The versatility of our helicopters allow observers to learn more about an area in a shorter period of time than other census means. This has proven to be a major benefit to organizations that don’t have the time to conduct spotlight surveys and composition counts.

Previous fish and wildlife surveys we have helped conduct have provided valuable data for:

  • State and local agencies with migratory waterfowl surveys and deer and elk herd management
  • Large and small scale infrastructure projects
  • Surveying eagle nesting for new projects for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Wildlife researchers demands for new data for research studies

Our top of the line helicopters, equipment, and experienced pilots all have what it takes to observe salmon, elk, deer, grouse and bighorn sheep throughout the Northwest. Our clients have found aerial observation, not only to be more cost-effective, but also more efficient for larger, remote areas and less invasive to the environment.

“Henderson Aviation was accommodating, professional and friendly allowing us to easily handle any normal challenges face in working with a helicopter company for the first time. The pilot that performed our survey showed experience and competence when flying detailed line work that restricted the pilot to remain within tight parameters of the job specification. He also demonstrated good judgment and an exemplary attention to detail when dealing with safety in and around the helicopter.


As a result of the pilot’s abilities, we were able to conduct the survey in a very efficient and effective manner, and I would highly recommend Henderson Aviation to any contractor looking to conduct an aerial survey.”

~ J.A. Vosburgh

Henderson Aviation Testimonial

We look forward to providing you with safe and reliable helicopter services. If you would like to request an estimate, simply give us a call. Our phone is answered 24 hours a day.

“I have worked with numerous contractors while working for the government and Henderson was easily one of the best. I am very grateful to them for the excellent service that they provided.”

~ Jeffrey P.